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We strive to achieve maximum results with individualized care and attention to ALL of our clients.

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Experienced New York Attorney and Advocate

We provide dedicated representation

Mr. Aqel combines compassion and skill to assist clients with personal injury, immigration, and criminal matters. If you were injured in an accident, charged with a crime or have concerns about your immigration status, We are available to assist you in your case.

We are passionate about every matter we take on. We don’t seek just any result — we take into consideration the full context and try to obtain the most favorable results for our clients. People throughout New York State rely on our services because we are:

  • Dedicated to clients’ cases — We are available around the clock so our clients never have to wonder what is happening with their case.
  • Experienced — The breadth of our experience equips us with the skill and knowledge to effectively advocate for you. We devise a customized legal strategy tailored to your case to make it as strong as it can be.

Once we take on a client, we thoroughly dedicate ourselves to trying to achieve the outcomes they desire in the following practice areas:

  • Personal injury — We assist individuals who have been injured because of the negligence of others. Our personal injury firm handles cases involving pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, defective products, and medical malpractice. Personal injury cases are handled in cooperation with the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert.
  • Immigration — Our firm is very aware of current immigration laws and the uncertainty and fear with which some people come to us. We provide deportation defense services to immigrant communities impacted by discriminatory immigration policies, guide clients through the citizenship application process, and pursue refugee status (asylum) for those who need protection.
  • Criminal defense — If you have been wrongfully arrested and charged with a crime, including drug possession, assault, DUI/DWI or any other criminal charges, Mr Aqel will work tirelessly to resolve your case through a dismissal or plea bargain. We also handle cases in which juveniles have been charged with crimes.
  • Pro Bono  — We are dedicated to our community. Mr. Aqel provides pro bono and low-cost services for indigent clients, participates in numerous non-profit projects, and plays a major role in implementing human rights and gender equality campaigns in several countries around the globe, including the United States, Iraq, Syria, Colombia, and Haiti.

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Whether you are facing criminal charges, dealing with immigration matters or suffering from an injury caused by someone’s negligence, Mr. Aqel can help. Please call 917-997-7761 or contact us online to schedule a confidential and complimentary consultation.